Flight 404

General Information

  • Submitted By: James A.
  • Date Submitted: December 21, 2019
  • Departed: Nashville International Airport (KBNA)
  • Arrived: Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (KMSY)
  • Aircraft: B757-200SF (N511CX)
  • Flight Time: 1h 25m

  • Status: Accepted

  • Administered by: 116

Financial Details
Gross Revenue:
(63287lbs @ $ 1.42 per lb)
$ 89, 867.54
Fuel Cost:
(10592lbs @ $0.86 per lb)
$ 9, 109.12
Flight Profit:
$ 70, 903.00

ACARS Log Information

[15.29.48z] Recording started...
[15.29.48z] User Aircraft: QWSim Boeing 757-200F Ca
[15.29.48z] Flight Phase: Boarding
[15.45.58z] Flight Phase: Pushback
[15.45.59z] Flight Phase: Gate Closed
[15.46.45z] Engine 2 started
[15.47.00z] Engine 1 started
[15.47.18z] Flaps 1 at 609 ft MSL with 1KIAS
[15.47.18z] Flaps 2 at 609 ft MSL with 1KIAS
[15.47.20z] Flaps 3 at 609 ft MSL with 1KIAS
[15.49.06z] Flight Phase: Taxi Out
[15.51.28z] Flight Phase: TakeOff
[15.51.51z] Gear Up at 667 ft MSL with 178KIAS
[15.52.00z] Flight Phase: Climbing
[15.52.03z] Flaps 2 at 1284 ft MSL with 196KIAS
[15.52.04z] Flaps 1 at 1284 ft MSL with 196KIAS
[15.52.42z] Flaps 0 at 3761 ft MSL with 229KIAS
[16.08.15z] Flight Phase: Cruise
[16.39.21z] Flight Phase: Descending
[16.55.32z] Flight Phase: On Approach
[16.59.07z] Flaps 1 at 5370 ft MSL with 244KIAS
[17.00.11z] Flaps 2 at 4301 ft MSL with 233KIAS
[17.03.27z] Flaps 3 at 2237 ft MSL with 171KIAS
[17.03.28z] Flight Phase: Level Flight
[17.03.42z] Flaps 4 at 2213 ft MSL with 159KIAS
[17.03.53z] Flight Phase: On Approach
[17.04.06z] Flaps 5 at 2100 ft MSL with 151KIAS
[17.04.09z] Flaps 6 at 2077 ft MSL with 151KIAS
[17.04.11z] Gear Down at 2065 ft MSL with 149KIAS
[17.04.13z] Flight Phase: Level Flight
[17.04.21z] Flight Phase: On Approach
[17.04.26z] Flight Phase: Landing
[17.07.23z] Touchdown with a vertical speed of -191ft/min
[17.07.23z] Landed
[17.07.24z] Flight Phase: Taxi In
[17.07.39z] Flaps 0 at 14 ft MSL with 44KIAS
[17.14.09z] Recording stopped
[17.14.10z] Max. Simrate: 1x
[17.14.10z] Client: CCFTracker Free
[17.14.10z] Client Version: 1.2