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Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well and welcome to all the new pilots! The activity has been awesome recently and we all really appreciate the continued support. The executives thank you for our bonuses!

I didn't just ping you to tell you that I am going to be buying a CRJ650 of my own at the end of the year. We have an important announcement about our current ACARS situation, with the release of CPXCars, with fuel persistence and custom logging, as well as the upcoming 1.6 update, we've decided to remove support for other ACARS software, and limit XP11-12 ACARS to CPXCars only.

SmartCars will still remain the main tool available to use with MSFS and P3D, with CPXCars compatibility for MSFS planned for the future, however any other ACARS software (namely KCars as this is no longer being supported or updated) will be fully removed and PIREPS will not be accepted from them.
This change will take place from the 31st of July

In other news, the website will soon be getting some love aside form the changes @Tom Eddy - CPX101 has already implemented, a new Simbrief dispatch page with a lot more functionality is in the final stages of development and we plan on releasing other features like a better NOTAM system and other fixes to ensure all our infrastructure is as helpful and efficient as it can be, if you have any ideas, please let us know in suggestion-box.

Keep on transporting all those PS5's ????

With Regards,

Posted By: Tom Eddy (2022-07-22 01:32:02)