Capitol Logistics 996

Operating for DHL

East Midlands Airport
Derby, GB
Isle of Man Airport
Isle Of Man, IM

Activity Log

Date Flight Route Aircraft Duration
No Flights Yet

Route Details

Aircraft Information
Group: European Fleet
Types: A30F,A31F,B738
Route Data
Demand: M
Distance: 140nm
Duration: 1h 05m
Recm'd Route: TNT2N TNT Q4 WAL M146 LUSOD IOM
Origin Wx: EGNX 270550Z 27010KT CAVOK 10/04 Q1023
Dest. Wx: EGNS 270550Z 28015KT 9999 SCT042 10/05 Q1023 NOSIG

Financial History
Total Freight: 0lbs
Average Load: 0lbs/flt
Fuel Used: 0lbs
Avg. Fuel Used: 0lbs/flt
Fuel Expense: $0
Avg. Fuel Expense: $0
Avg. Fuel Cost: $0/lbs
Total Gross Income: $0
Pilot Pay: $0
Total Expenses: $0
Total Revenue: $0
Average Revenue: $0