New cargo facilities in Miami

Dulles, VA -- With the release of the Winter 2018/2019 schedule, a significant change has been announced for Capitol Logistics operations. The airline has entered into a lease agreement for the major cargo facilities located at Miami International Airport (KMIA). These facilities were previously occupied by Centurion Cargo, which ceased operations in August. The vacancy was quickly acted upon by management to bolster domestic and international freight operations left underserved by Centurion's demise. The shift in operational focus will enable key markets in South America countries, with a special emphasis on rapid delivery of higly perishable cargo such as fruits and flowers. Dulles International Airport will remain on the schedule as a focus city, serving as the primary conduit for cargo destined to and from Europe. Miami is South Florida's main airport for long-haul international flights and a hub for the southeastern United States, with passenger and cargo flights to cities throughout the Americas, Europe and Western Asia. It is the largest gateway between the United States and south to Latin America, and is one of the largest airline hubs in the United States, owing to its proximity to tourist attractions, local economic growth, large local Latin American and European populations, and strategic location to handle connecting traffic between North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Posted By: Tom Eddy (2018-11-05 13:58:56)


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