CPX acquires freight carrier

Dulles, VA -- Today Capitol Logistics announces the acquisition of a small freight carrier. Grizzly Air Cargo, based at Ted Steven’s International Airport in Anchorage, provides cargo services throughout the state of Alaska and to several communities in Northwestern Canada with it’s fleet of Boeing 727's. Grizzly will remain an indepan subsidy of Capitol Logistics and will retain its brand and operations. Capitol Logistics Vice-President of Operations Matt Whitaker has been named the the Chief Operations Officer of Grizzly, and has stated that for the customers and employees there will be very little change in our operations. What changes there are will be positives. Whitaker states that the only major change to Grizzly will be that Capitol Logistics will now be allowed to use their maintenance facilities at Anchorage for repairs. Depending on the need, this likely could increase the number of employees, as Capitol sees significant traffic flow thru Anchorage on transpacific routes. The other change would be less paperwork for employees transferring cargo from Capitol aircraft to Grizzly. "Less paperwork and fees will ultimately reduce our operating costs and these savings can be shared with our customers", Whitaker added. Capitol Logistics currently is headquartered in the DC metro area, with operations based out of Miami, Florida. The airline currently has a fleet of MD-11s, 767s and 757s. It operates cargo flights throughout the United States domestic markets, and provides cargo services worldwide for scheduled service and on demand freight needs to a variety of customers both large and small. 


Posted By: Tom Eddy (2019-03-06 11:19:58)


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