SF340 Turboprop Acquisition

Dulles, VA -- Capitol Logistics announces the acquisition of a new type of aircraft, the Saab 340 freighter. Two aircraft are expected to arrive within the next month, with one purchased outright and the other on a long term dry lease. The two aircraft are expected to enter service at the Capitol Logistics hub located at Miami International Airport, and will serve cargo needs within the state of Florida, and the Carribbean. The Saab 340AF is a modified commercial cargo version of the succesful Saab 340A. The Saab 340 is designed as a FAR Part 25 certified aircraft meaning the Saab cargo modification is meant for commercial operation and built to the highest regulation for longevity and safety. The modification for the Saab 340 equips the aircraft with a Class E cargo compartment, and enables the aircraft to carry up to 8500lbs at a range up to 475nm. The standard configuration of the Saab cargo door will allow for a 4’x4’ pallet.

Posted By: Tom Eddy (2019-02-26 16:00:25)


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